Apply for Trial License

The awisto OfficeIntegration is a paid product for which a product license is required. You can apply for a free, time limited trial license to evaluate the awisto OfficeIntegration.

Trial License

The free trial registration page is aready filled with data from your existing login with us. You are free to change your personal data with exception of the unique organisation name as the license will be bound to the unique name of your CRM tentant. Some fields are marked as required because they are needed by our sales team to get in touch with you after you have applied for the trail license.

Complete the registration to request a free trial license

Free Trial License Applied

You will otain a free, time limited trial license shorty after finishing the registration. You are free to use this license for your evaluation of the awisto OfficeIntegration within the next three days. Do not despair if you need more time as you will be contacted by our Sales Team shortly after.

Beeing contacted by humanoid Sales Team

After you have applied for a Trial License our Sales Team will contact you. The Sales Team can extend the life time of your trial license if required.

Start evaluation after completing registration

You are able to start the evaluation of the awisto OfficeIntegration a minute after the request to apply a trial license is sent.