awisto OfficeIntegration for Dynamics 365

The awisto OfficeIntegration for Microsoft Dynamics 365 is an AddOn which allowes CRM users to create Word documents for many different purposes. From simple letters to full offers all kinds of available CRM record types are supported. Thereby user friendliness has first priority. The menu selection of the needed template and the instant creation of the document ensures maximum user acceptance. The awisto OfficeIntegration has been developed especially from the perspective of high flexibility and configurability and comes with the following features:

  • Simple menu-driven selection of the template
  • Fast generation of documents in Word or PDF format and others
  • Designing own templates and storing them in the CRM system
  • Support for custom entities and their relations to other entities
  • Full configurable data sources

Principal Design

The awisto OfficeIntegration includes the following components:

awisto OfficeIntegration Commponents

  • Office Engine: Driver to generate a special output format such as Word or Adobe PDF.

  • Office Data Source: The Data Source holds the information which fields from which entities are made available to the document.

  • Office Template: Microsoft Office document template, e.g. in Microsoft Office┬« Word 2007 format

This extremely flexible design plus the possibility to pre-process the various entity fields whithin the Data Source makes the basis of the awisto OfficeIntegration.

Office Engine

Currently available are Engines for Microsoft Office® Word 2007 - 2016 and Adobe PDF as well as Engines for generating pure text or for automatic creation of CRM e-mails inclusive attached documents respectively.

Office Data Source

The Data Source I18NConfigurableDataSource which comes with the awisto OfficeIntegration is highly configurable. Its XML-based configuration allowes to hand over all CRM objects and their related records to the document template. In addition to that all data can be pre-processed via XSLT such as sorting or calculation of values.

Office Template

For the start the awisto OfficeIntegration is supplied with sample templates for some standard entities. These can be imported into the CRM system in advance by the import-export interface of the awisto OfficeIntegration.

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